Saturday, July 6, 2013


I try to make the binding when I make the top, otherwise I'll never find the fabric again!   So, the bindings are kept in this jar.   Yes, it is full, I need to do some quilting!

Friday, July 5, 2013

July, 2013-musings

Nothing like a week of HEAT to make you stay inside and quilt.   I won a basket of lime green/white/black fabric at the guild Christmas dinner 2 years ago.   It is so pretty and striking that I wanted to do something special with it.   Hmm, after 2 years, I just wanted to do something with it.   I made 3 quilts out of that basket of fabric!   I have 2 yards of a floral that I will use as borders for however far that goes, then I'll put up the pics.   No-they will not be quilted...yet.

My DD said I need more of a challenge, spooked her I guess that I made 3 quilt tops in 1 week.  It was a HOT week.      What will I do with these?  I am thinking, get them quilted, put on ETSY.   If they don't sell there, put them into the guild's boutique next year.   We shall see after that.

OK, I am going to try something.   I am going to create a page for the quilts that need quilting!   I am always looking for backing or batting or binding or SOMETHING!    This will help me see what I need to do.   It is a work in progress, so those are the links to the right of the page, the quilts I SHOULD be quilting.    Feel free to ignore, it is a tool for me.  :)
Stay Cool, y'all
Hugs, Ann