Thursday, January 18, 2018

Wow. 2018.  I'M STILL QUILTING!  I am going to try to resurrect my blog.   Do I need a goal or a topic?  Nah, mainly quiltng.   I'll dig out quilts I am willing to part with first, as in SELL.   Might be a day or so as we have NO LIGHT right now, pouring rain out there and yellow light just does nothing for photography.   Do 'follow' me so I'll stay interested in doing this and it will keep my thoughts and words uplifting and positive. 

And in direct opposition to that thought.   THE FIRE.  It has been 3.5 months since the FIRESTORM went through Sonoma County.   It stopped half a mile from the house.    Keep your geography straight.   This is the fire in Northern California.   Not the one in Southern California.  Perspective?   It is a 9 hour drive from Disneyland in So. California to our house.  Got it?  Back to my story.   The neighborhood behind the elementary school where my kids attended is burned.  Completely.   No houses were missed.   That is where I used to do my daily walk.   No more.   I just cannot do it.   Too too sad.   Roughly one third of the lots have been cleared.   The majority are not rebuilding.   No idea what will happen.   That neighborhood was built in the 1960-1970 period, nice homes.   The fire station burned.   It still fascinates me how an entire home and all of its contents can be reduced to a 12 inch pile of ash.   7th Day Adventist Church survived, right next door to the fire station.   No, I am not converting, but the thought crossed my mind.   At Christmas, stockings were hung on the blackened chimneys.   Now there are bulbs coming up through the ashes, crocus, daffodils....  

The insurance companies were refusing to start rebuild or issue any payments until their forms for personal property were filled out.     Finally, the State stepped in and negotiated percentage payouts based on coverage, mostly 80% of personal property coverage line on the insurance document.   5,000 buildings/homes were burned.    Coffey Park (1,300 home gone), much in the news because it is close to the freeway and flat, so you can see that BURN all the way, Coffey Park is getting a contractor, a big one,  to treat it like a new subdivision, offer 10-14 plans, and rebuild for $250/square foot.   Fountain Grove, the city's upscale area, lost 1,500 homes.   Of the 3 personal friends up there, 1 is rebuilding, just 1.  
The contractor's are estimating $450/sq ft for those homes.  No one had that kind of coverage.

As you can tell, it is by no means decided, nor started.   K-Mart finally got hauled away.   The Round Barn has been cleared away.   Not sure about the Hilton.   I keep finding more burned out places, just going around on my daily errands.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


I try to make the binding when I make the top, otherwise I'll never find the fabric again!   So, the bindings are kept in this jar.   Yes, it is full, I need to do some quilting!

Friday, July 5, 2013

July, 2013-musings

Nothing like a week of HEAT to make you stay inside and quilt.   I won a basket of lime green/white/black fabric at the guild Christmas dinner 2 years ago.   It is so pretty and striking that I wanted to do something special with it.   Hmm, after 2 years, I just wanted to do something with it.   I made 3 quilts out of that basket of fabric!   I have 2 yards of a floral that I will use as borders for however far that goes, then I'll put up the pics.   No-they will not be quilted...yet.

My DD said I need more of a challenge, spooked her I guess that I made 3 quilt tops in 1 week.  It was a HOT week.      What will I do with these?  I am thinking, get them quilted, put on ETSY.   If they don't sell there, put them into the guild's boutique next year.   We shall see after that.

OK, I am going to try something.   I am going to create a page for the quilts that need quilting!   I am always looking for backing or batting or binding or SOMETHING!    This will help me see what I need to do.   It is a work in progress, so those are the links to the right of the page, the quilts I SHOULD be quilting.    Feel free to ignore, it is a tool for me.  :)
Stay Cool, y'all
Hugs, Ann

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I think this says it all about our weather today.   Cloudy and cold!  
I am packing for a quilt retreat.   But I'm afraid if I start too early, I'll keep adding too much and will need to hire a bus to take me!

I have packed 4 projects to work on, am resisting the fusion projects, that means another level of 'stuff' to pack.   Have Googled for a portable design wall, nothing portable enough...sigh.   Hope Nicole supplies something!
Leaving my cold boy kitties here, poor things.   Don't they look pathetic?   It was so cute for a picture.   Retreat is 3 nights/4 days.   No, I will not finish ANY of the projects, but plan on big progress.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Quilting Aerie

I quilt in this wonderful place, thought I'd share.
North view to the street


East view- new house going up there in the spring.

Yes, artist at work!   :)


I've been quilting up a storm!  While it storms!   Cold here in sunny(NOT!) California .   We've had 22 inches of rain since Nov.1, more freezing nights than ever.   I've lost ALL my fuschias...sigh.   But!   I've done lots of stitching!   Here are what was completed in 2012:
A Boot wall-hanging for my daughter who works for a company that makes.......BOOTS!

One for my sister
Two for my sister (she's very special)

For my niece!  An experiment-called Paradigm Twist.

Rag Quilts, made two, the colors are yellowed by the lights.

Baby Boy #1-commissioned gift.

This is miniature, took YEARS!

Happy colors.
Charity #1

Charity #2

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Delusions of Grandeur

Never, never tell yourself that a quilt it EASY.   I am making the Zen Quilt for a good friend in Texas.  (Texas needs this, they want to secede!!!)   O-this should be quick, just rectangles and squares.   OK, some of these rectangles and squares are really small!  1.25 x 2 inches.   The batik greens are very similar.   The blues are very similar.   The quilt is batik greens and blues...argghh.  So, thinking 'easy', I did not keep careful track of the greens and blues.   Thinking "easy", I divided 10.5 and got 5.5...arrgghhh!   Pressing on (pun intended).
I will NEVER think "easy" again!