Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Delusions of Grandeur

Never, never tell yourself that a quilt it EASY.   I am making the Zen Quilt for a good friend in Texas.  (Texas needs this, they want to secede!!!)   O-this should be quick, just rectangles and squares.   OK, some of these rectangles and squares are really small!  1.25 x 2 inches.   The batik greens are very similar.   The blues are very similar.   The quilt is batik greens and blues...argghh.  So, thinking 'easy', I did not keep careful track of the greens and blues.   Thinking "easy", I divided 10.5 and got 5.5...arrgghhh!   Pressing on (pun intended).
I will NEVER think "easy" again!

Friday, November 9, 2012

For the new baby & bro

This is for the new baby in the family.   I love this pattern, which is called "Twisted Sister".  :)  FYI-all quilt blocks are named.  
Showing the quilting


I made a Big Brother quilt also.   I experimented on a baby quilt when he was born and really did not like how it turned out, so I guess you could call this a guilt quilt.  Say that 3 times fast!

I should see if the close up shows it, but the large blocks are cars.   I also found a flannel for the backing with cars all over, a major score, flannel for boys is hard to find!   Ah-here we go.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

       I was asked to make a Healing Quilt for the mother of one of my daughter's friends.   The mother has brain cancer.   I chose to make a small version of the very cheerful feminine quilt that resides on my bed.   I love it.   
        The mother cried when she got the quilt!   How sweet is that?   I was so touched.   She won't use it or wash it.  O NO!   Please do!   We quilters love for our quilts to be loved to death.
        I purchased floral charm squares from Keepsake Quilting, added some of my own and sashed all with a white-on-white and backed it with a pink (for cancer) flannel.    Size is 63 x 63.