Sunday, September 9, 2012

September Doings

This month, my goal is to complete the TWO quilts for my sister,  one shown here on the Gracie.   I REALLY do not like quilting on my home sewing machine.   Wrestling the quilt!   Stuffing it around and over and through the throat of the machine.   And it takes so long!   Loving the Gracie.   Most of my quilts are made with the fabric and design featured.   And while I can appreciate the wonderful quilting quilters do, it just is not for me.   So, I hearby give myself permission to have quilts with doodles, stars, loops, meanders, hearts, leaves, etc. on them!
Today, I put some of my fall-themed quilts up.   My daughter-in-law tells me I cover everything with quilts.   Well, I'm trying!    A quilt looks so much better on the back of that chair than the kitty-body stains do!   And that table?  35 years old, needs re-finishing, nah, another quilt, you get the idea.  There is method in my madness, truly!  

So, this quilt.   The request was for teals and browns.   Well, you know how that goes.   I bought too many teals and browns, so she gets TWO quilts.   I'll post these pics tonight and get the other ones up tomorrow in addition to my "decor" quilts.  :)

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